Fragomen specializes exclusively in immigration services around the world. Fragomen Connect helped facilitate the transfer of employees worldwide since 1951 by representing a broad range of companies, organizations, and individuals. We provide immigration support in more than 170 countries.


The program’s responsibilities include managing global immigration programs, guiding the development of strategic plans, monitoring quality, managing compliance, and facilitating government relations as well as processing case reports.

Services By Fragomen

At Fragomen, employees can take advantage of the following benefits: 

  1. Provides guidance, support, and technology to help you get business travelers on the ground quickly and compliantly, including business visas, Posted Worker notifications, and other short-term cross-border travel requirements.
  2. It provides consular immigration services in an effort to ease the burden of difficult immigration processing.
  3. The development of customized corporate immigration programs: world-class services designed to optimize your immigration process.
  4. Global crisis management services include geopolitical instability, extreme weather conditions, and pandemics around the world. Today, more than ever, your company’s business continuity depends on your ability to deal with a crisis.
  5. Management of your company’s digital nomad population. Providing advice and support for digital nomads.
  6. In order to streamline the immigration document process, they provide proactive planning and on-the-ground assistance.
  7. Employer verification solutions that maximize compliance and minimize risk.
  8. Government Advisory Services provide tailored and strategic advice to help you succeed.
  9. Analyses, benchmarking, and knowledge resources about immigration in a changing world.
  10. They support remobilization and prepare individuals for the future by providing strategic remobilization services.

For its clients, Fragomen Connect offers an interactive and dynamic interface that enables them to gather and transmit information securely and efficiently. Aside from managing global immigration programs, the bureau is also responsible for quality control, government relations, case processing, and reporting. Visit its official website for more information about its services.