Mobile Application

Fragomen Connect lets you send and receive information securely and efficiently. Taking on a variety of challenges and representing companies and organizations of all sizes, Fragomen Connect takes part in transferring employees overseas and can assist clients through the process. Information is available on the Fragomen official website.


Users of the official Fragomen can access a list of its services, a knowledge center, Contact pages, etc. By logging into the site. On the official Fragomen site, the link will allow you to download the application.

Access Fragomen Securely With OneLogin

The OneLogin Portal App provides users access to cloud apps and enterprise apps in a secure, versatile interface while reducing enterprise risk. It is available on both mobile and web platforms. It can be accessed on tablet computers and smartphones. Apple and Android devices are supported.

Through OneLogin’s app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone phones, employees can access their web applications on the go.

A seamless and integrated multi-factor authentication is provided with OneLogin Protect and its Trusted Experience Platform. The user is automatically signed in without entering a code by accepting the push notification. Android and iOS versions of OneLogin Protect are available.


The Active Directory integration of Fragomen is easy. Your organization can save time and money while ensuring data security with OneLogin’s Fragomen integration.

Due to the fact that credentials must be manually entered, this process is tedious and time-consuming. The process takes ten times as long using a smartphone. Today’s increasingly competitive workplace benefits both employers and employees from being able to respond to requests within seconds. On top of providing one-click access to enterprise applications on smartphones and tablets, OneLogin’s Portal App can also be run on the desktop.

The use of OneLogin Protect requires an active OneLogin account. Your organization may have granted the account. If you have questions about your account, please contact your organization’s IT department.